Help Bring Danny the Dragon

To Children Everywhere!

We are raising funds to get Danny the Dragon completed before the coming year.


Danny the Dragon is the 3rd children's rhyming book written by Robert Z. Hicks - "Mr. Bob." Mr. Bob's first 2 books are: Tommie Turtle's Secret and Mouse in the Manger.

We are offering a great deal on these 2 books to help fund the illustrations and publication of Danny the Dragon.



About 2 months ago, Mr. Bob had a heart attack and has been unable to devote his time and energy to finish Danny the Dragon. Mr. Bob has a vison to complete Danny the Dragon and to publish other rhyming stories to help children learn to read.



Option one: Buy the books at a great price!

Listen to a sample of Tommie Turtle's Secret

Tommie Turtle outwits Hoppy Bunny to win the race and teach the bunny valuable lessons about friendship. A surprise twist at the end highlights moral values of forgiveness and that being nice, not bragging and teasing, is the way to make friends.

Questions and Commentary at the end of the book test comprehension, stimulate critical thinking, and provide a basis for discussion of friendship and the effect of bragging on relationships.

Full color 40 page with 17 illustrations, 11 X 8-1/2 hardcover with sewn binding. (Kid tough)

Awards:Tommie Turtle's Secret
1st Place for Children’s Books, and Book of the Year Award in the 2008 Florida Writers Association
Royal Palm Literary Awards Competition.
2007 Dragon Pencil Silver Medal for Children’s Literature - Excellence in Children’s Literature

$14.00  Free Shipping

Listen to a sample of Mouse in the Manger

Micah the mouse came to the manger to look for grain, but the peace of his usually quiet nighttime meal was shattered by a startling series of events that kept Micah wide-eyed with curiosity. Micah shares in rhyme what he saw, and heard from the donkey, shepherds, and camel, after he accidentally becomes a secret observer of the birth of Christ.

A Study Guide has questions and answers to test comprehension, and gives Bible references so parents and teachers can adapt to different age levels.

Awards: Mouse in the Manger
“Best Children’s Story” award at the 2011 Florida Christian Writers Conference
Published in the December 2011 edition of the Focus on the Family Clubhouse JR. magazine.
FINALIST in the Florida Writer’s Association 2015 Royal Palm Literary Awards competition
FINALIST in the 2015 USA Best Book Award.

$10.00   Free Shipping

Buy Both Books for only $20.00  Free Shipping

Option two: Use the books for YOUR FUNDRAISING EVENT!

Sell Tommie Turtle’s Secret and/or Mouse in the Manger and keep 50% of the proceeds.

Tommie Turtle’s Secret and Mouse in the Manger are high quality, award winning, fun to read rhyming picture books and a teaching tool too.

No upfront cost!

We invoice out books (autographed by Mr. Bob) to you at a 50% discount
Tommie Turtle’s Secret $14.00       Discount 50% = $7.00      Your profit = $7.00
Mouse in the Manger $10.00           Discount 50% = $5.00     Your profit = $5.00

To order your books to raise money for your organization:

Email Mr. Bob at or call Mr. Bob at (727) 842-8314

Danny thanks you for helping him get to print!